Three plants to chill you out during self-isolation.

Three plants to chill you out during self-isolation.

By Geyan Surendran, Developmental Scientist, Three Spirit

Social isolation sure can be intense: perhaps you’re spending long periods of time apart from your friends and loved ones. Or maybe you’re now working from home and are in much closer quarters with your housemates or partner? We hear you and we’re here for you.

Even though it’s a strange and sometimes scary time right now, it's definitely not all bad. Some positives are that we’re all becoming more aware of the importance of those around us, about our environment, our health, and are becoming increasingly conscious of what we consume.

As much as Three Spirit is about the good times, we really do care about wellbeing and how we can help provide balance in a period of flux. Given our expertise in plants and their powers, we’ll be focusing on some of the amazing ingredients in our drinks that can help you feel good, stay calm and keep motivated.

So we’re kicking things off with three supremely chilled-out botanicals that can provide a little bit of mellow amongst the madness.

1. Valerian: Valeriana officinalis

One of the functional plants in our Nightcap formulation, Valerian root has been used for centuries as a relaxation and sleep aid and contains active compounds called iridoids that improve dream recall and increase the vividness of dreams, sometimes referred to as lucid dreaming.

Native to Europe and Asia, it’s therapeutic properties were referenced as early as 4th Century BCE by none other than Hippocrates. The mechanics of its relaxation function are fairly complex, but many studies suggest that the active compounds - valepotriates, valerenic acids and some of its terpenes - work on the central nervous system to provide a sense of calm and assist in improving sleep quality.

So if lucid dreaming is your thing or if you’re just keen to to make the most of the extra hour in bed, then get your valerian in Nightcap.

2. Passionflower: Passiflora incarnata

The cousin of the exotic fruit, the passionflower’s purple flowers, vines and leaves have been used for centuries to alleviate anxiety, promote sleep, reduce pain and boost mood. It’s also full of antioxidants which mop up free-radicals and boost wellbeing from the inside out, which makes it a fabulous addition to our Social Elixir formulation.

But there might be even more to this flower. Some recent studies indicate that it increases slow-wave sleep, promoting REM and reducing the times it takes to nod off and - although not fully studied in humans yet - it is also thought to improve memory.

Undoubtedly, a great plant for keeping you chilled, dropping your stress levels and keeping you focused! Get this big mood boost in Social Elixir.

3. L-Theanine, obtained from green tea: Camellia Sinensis

In our Social Elixir formulation, we use L-Theanine extracted from green tea. This active compound has been shown to provide relaxation, enhance focus, boost immunity and improve cognition. So that means it’s perfect for combatting the stress of working from home whilst keeping you focused and balanced. In numerous studies, L-Theanine has also been shown to balance the effects of caffeine, providing a calm, clean hit of energy without the jitters. What’s not to love about L’Theanine?


So hopefully there’s a plant here that speaks to your mood and moment?

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing a lot more plant science from our team. But in the meantime, if you fancy yourself as a plant-pro then you can read more about our favourite plants here.

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