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Elixirs designed by plant scientists and bartenders to make moods and enhance connections, throughout the day and into the night.

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  • Vegan

  • Gluten free

  • Non-alcoholic

  • Adaptogenic

  • Botanics & ferments

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Drinks to suit your mood. Whether you want to socialize, celebrate or chill.

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  • The Collection
    The Collection

    The Collection

    Enhance your night from start to finish. 

  • The Get Up/Get Down
    The Get Up/Get Down

    The Get Up/Get

    Energize, then unwind. 

  • Nightcap


    Calming. Woody. Mellow.

  • Livener


    Energize. Juicy. Fiery.

  • Social Elixir
    Social Elixir

    Social Elixir

    Floaty. Herbal. Bliss.

  • Spark - Blurred Vines
    Spark - Blurred Vines

    Spark Blurred

    Pink. Bubbly. Uplifting.

  • The Super Collection Bundle
    The Super Collection Bundle

    The Super Collection

    Save $17 and try the entire Three Spirit range with The Super Collection Bundle.

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  • The Bestsellers Bundle
    The Bestsellers Bundle

    The Bestsellers Bundle

    The Gold Standard - Try the award-winning Botanical Elixirs and Blurred Vines.

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Uncover the magic of Three Spirit in your local bars, restaurants, and stores.

The magic inside

High-grade functional ingredients grown by the most innovative and ambitious cultivators.


The experts working behind the scenes

Alchemy shows us a whole new way; from the plants we combine in our drinks, to the blending of minds and different expertise of the people who make them.

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    Dash Lilley

    Head Alchemist + Co-founder

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    Prof. Michael Heinrich

    Head of Dept. UCL School of Pharmacy

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    Dr. Shelini Surendran

    Nutrigenetics - Surrey University

Why people love it


As a singer, alcohol is really hard on my voice. I've been looking for something to give me the buzz without the alcohol and Three Spirit is it.

@queencarlyyyyy Singer

The perfect thing to sip with friends or when just relaxing. Whether you're sober, cutting out alcohol or just taking a break, you need Three Spirit in your life.

@shainoffools Wellness writer

Three distinct experiences, the Livener was such a fun way to start, the Social Elixir is the glue between these two and Nightcap is the one you want to have as you're wrapping holiday gifts.

@sans_bar Bartender

The Nightcap is made with ashwagandha and valerian root which are very calming plants

@livholistic Herbalist