AAPI Month: Plants, places and people we love

AAPI Month: Plants, places and people we love

As one of the co-founders of Three Spirit as well as hailing from Indian origin, the principles of food as medicine and Ayurvedic ingredients have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. While our drinks are not uniquely stemming from Ayurveda or other eastern natural medicine practices, we are proud to use many ingredients in our drinks that have steeped history and share similar philosophies regarding our body’s connection to nature. 

We have a few amazing ingredients that originate from Asia. We love ashwagandha, a powerful Ayurvedic adaptogen, for its soothing function — including it in our Nightcap was a no brainer. Panax ginseng, known for rejuvenating cognition, was added to Livener to ignite the senses. Another fabulous plant in Livener is the schisandra, a rare, bright red fruit with the power to support physical performance (it also has a unique, multi-dimensional flavor).

Here are some amazing venues you can enjoy and try Three Spirit.


Fat Tiger

So proud to be available and on menu at Fat Tiger, NYC’s 1st Dry Speakeasy. Owned by Cliff Cho and inspired by art deco/Asian jungle, the entrance to Fat Tiger is a secret door in a tiny East Village coffee shop called Café Joah. We recently hosted an industry event where the talented bar director Andres Cabrera was evangelizing our products and why he’s excited to be featuring them in amazing NA cocktails. IG handles @fattigergroup, @vibeimbibe and @lordkimchi

Bar Avant / Aprés Bar

Located in Chelsea’s food hall Olly Olly food market hall, Bar Avant / Apres Bar was conceived by the talented Julia Momose, who draws on her Japanese background and French influence, guaranteeing you some fabulous mocktails and cocktails, including Three Spirit! This is an expert who has defied sexism to rise to the top, with pure focus and tenacity. In an insightful interview with Eater, I was floored by her achievements at such a young age, with industry experts hailing her as "one of the top cocktail bartenders and drink creators in the entire country."

Big Bar

Based in Los Angeles, this bar provides handcrafted, high quality cocktails. With bar director Eugene Lee in charge, you can trust we're in good hands. A key figure in the LA drinks scene as both a mixologist and cocktail and event photographer, Eugene has a unique perspective of both product and experience. And it's clearly reflected in Big Bar's scene.

A Fresh Sip

For those liking there 'where' to be more about which websites than which physical spaces to visit, A Fresh Sip is for you! This website was launched by the sober curious Payal and Aish, offering a user friendly shopping guide to anyone after the right non-alc drink for them. Their instagram also offers generally great support and advice for anyone after that damp life.

AAPI owned brands we love

As an Asian American, I really love seeing many other amazing Asian owned brands see success and help influence culture, as more and more Asian flavors and ingredients become more mainstream in the US and beyond. 

Some of my favorite Asian founded brands making waves are: 


Founded by Sandro Roco, a Filipino-American, who launched Sanzo to address the gap he saw in new age “American” brands and preservative-and-sugar laden labels of legacy Asian brands. Sanzo has grown rapidly and provides delicious seltzers celebrates well known Asian-inspired flavors like calamansi, lychee and Alphonso mango.  

As another beverage brand in the natural space, we are massively inspired by what Sandro has been able to achieve with Sanzo, in terms of awareness and distribution. Not only do I always enjoy a Sanzo personally, I really love seeing the collabs that Sanzo does with amazing movies like Disney’s Turning Red, but my favorite was seeing the limited edition cans featuring characters of the Marvel Studio’s Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings movie.  

Om Som 

Co-founded by the Pham sisters, who celebrate bringing proud, loud Asian flavors to your fingertips through sauce and noodle kits. The founders talk about how watching their Asian mom cook meals from scratch, it was like her love language to her children, and I couldn’t agree more. Massively inspired by their authenticity and their TikTok, but also was a supporter of their product during the recent SVB failure when they publicly shared how they were affected. So happy to see the business continue to thrive!


Okay, so it hasn't technically launched yet, but we are really quite excited, especially as Ayurvedic medicine is something I am fascinated with. Much like with Three Spirit, Khalo is about combining ancient medicine with new practices, providing functional pantry staples rooted in Ayurveda. Watch this space!





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