Meet the alchemists: The people behind Three Spirit

Meet the alchemists: The people behind Three Spirit

Botanical alchemy shows us a whole new way; from the plants we combine in our drinks, to the blending of minds and different expertise of the people who make them.

In order to make our liquids we have worked with some amazing people, who all bring something different to the party.

We have a phytochemist and pharmaceutical scientist in our team, both of whom bring incredible knowledge on how to use the right plants and compounds in the right way to achieve our goals.

We have worked with herbalists and foragers to find plants. We work with a collection of leading bartenders like Tristen Stevenson, Robin Honhold, Matt Hastings and Thom Aske, who have helped shape the flavor profiles of our drinks to create stand-alone liquids that can deliver complex and challenging flavors and be used to make endless cocktails or sipped neat. 

We also work with Professor Michael Heinrich, Professor of Ethnopharmacology and Pharmacognosy at UCL, where he studies and teaches the use of plants in both traditional and pharmaceutical medicine. It's a vast cross-section of expertise but it's this mix that enables us to do something new.

Meet the Botanical Alchemists

Dash Lilley

Head of Product

Dash leads on product at Three Spirit. Before Three Spirit, he founded several wellness focused beverage brands including CocoFace and Champatea. He spends a lot of his time experimenting with plants and thinking about the future of drinking.

Read an interview with Dash 

Geyan Surendran

Developmental Scientist


Geyan currently looks after our scientific research, as well as ensuring that our drinks are made with society and the environment in mind. Geyan studied physiology and has spent the last decade between bars, distilleries and laboratories. An accomplished bartender, distiller and former pharmaceutical scientist, Geyan was responsible for creating one of the Independent’s Top 5 Gins, a critically acclaimed non-alcoholic gin alternative, as well as a top 40 'most innovative drinks' as judged by The Spirits Business. Geyan is particularly interested in marrying together the physiological effects of botanicals and is always on the hunt for new functional plants with flavor profiles that can bring a little more intrigue to the drinking experience.

Prof. Michael Heinrich

Head of Dept., UCL School of Pharmacy

Prof. Heinrich, Professor at UCL School of Pharmacy, reviews and advises on quality, sustainability and efficacy controls of ingredients and their supply chain. For Three Spirit’s new products he has assisted with ingredient and extract selection, as well as help ensure we check for regulatory status.

Robin Honhold

Drinks Artist

Robin is the former Head of Operations for the globally-award-winning Mr. Lyan group. He has been working in and with the UK’s best bars and restaurants for over a decade and is a published drinks expert in demand for innovation, sustainability, customer experience, brand delivery and product development.

Tristan Stephenson

World-class Bartender

Founder of bars Fluid Movement, and Black Rock Bar and Black Rock Tavern, Tristen is also the author of 'Curious Bartender'. One of the pioneers of molecular mixology and modernist bartending and an expert in whisky, gin, rum and coffee.

Tatiana Mercer

Bars Expert & Influencer


BarChick founder and mezcal drinker, Tatiana wanted to create something that was less about not drinking, and more about having fun without always having to drink alcohol. She is a people person who is focused on partnerships with bars, influencers and brands.

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