Powered by women - Celebrating IWD at Three Spirit

Powered by women - Celebrating IWD at Three Spirit

We are two-thirds female founded and our team is 65% female. Having female voices at the table has always been important to us.

This International Women’s Day we’re celebrating all the incredible women in our team; their power, differences, and abilities. 


Meeta Gournay


Meeta Gournay

CEO, mother of three, and general Three Spirit powerhouse, Meeta lived in the UK for years before moving back to New York for our US launch. Fiercely intelligent and beautifully emphatic, Meeta brings people together, be it over dinner or an impromptu braid bar visit. She also has an incredible ability to hone in on individual needs; from book recommendations to supplements she'll help you find what it is you need to be your best self.

What's Meeta drinking?

“It's hard to pick a fave... but if I really have to, it's a Nightcap Sour.”


Tatiana Mercer


Tatiana Mercer

Co-founder, entrepreneur, and mum of two, Tati is the bar-loving, party-going people person that makes it all come together at Three Spirit HQ. Need a recommendation, there's not a bar or restaurant she's not been to or knows about. Her brain never stops and she never stops, except if it's to hear a story or help someone out. The ultimate 'fixer', bringing people together is Tati's thing. Her generosity knows no bounds.

What's Tati drinking?

“Nightcap Old-Fashioned - all night, every night!” 


Viktorija Katarskyte

Operations + Trade Support 

Viktorija Katarskyte

First and foremost, Viktorija is our day one Plant Mom. With us since the very beginning, shipping our first bottles of Social Elixir to our first customers, logistics wiz Vik now supports the wider operations team and makes sure our retail clients are well looked after. If you're a Three Spirit stockist you'll already know Vik well, if you want to be a stockist, we can put you in touch.

What's Vik drinking? 

“Livener over ice with tonic always does the job for me!”


Mathuros Robertson-Dunn

Procurement Manager

Mathuros Roberston-Dunn

Working collaboratively with our suppliers to ensure we are able to source over 60 ethically-sourced ingredients, Mathuros makes the plant magic happen, seeing the Three Spirit process through from plant to bottle. A spin queen and lover of the great outdoors, Mathuros has her hiking boots on at any given opportunity. Pow!

What's Mathuros drinking?

“Nightcap on the rocks - it really helps me sleep - I love it!”


Isabel Owen

Digital Storyteller 

Isabel Owen

Isabel is our in-house creative. With a team in the US and UK all busy creating new recipes or hosting tastings, and our own fountain of ingredient knowledge to shout out, Isabel is able to weave a thread through all our various goings-on and tie our stories together with an eye firmly on a beautiful aesthetic. Join her for a quiz on Instagram or duet with her on TikTok.

What's Isabel drinking?

“Livener + tonic or soda, AND a Nightcap straight, before bed.” 


Thomasin Lockwood

Partnerships Manager

Thomasin Lockwood

Want to partner with us? Thomasin is your woman. And when the work day comes to an end, Thomasin's just getting started; she might be on her way to the theatre, getting ready to jump on stage herself at a stand-up gig, or penning her own novel; there is no end to this lady's talents.

What's Thomasin drinking?

“Social Elixir with ice + ginger ale - always!” 


Naomi Crespo-Pitman

US Community Manager

Naomi Crespo-Pitman

Have a question about your order? Want to feedback? Naomi is our CX champion. She's also a foster dog champion so she's an actual hero. As our US Community Manager, Naomi is always on the look out for how we can make your Three Spirit experience that much better. Sometimes she's even busy fighting online trolls, and it can be tough out there, so send her some love, she loves it. 

What's Naomi drinking? 

“Livener over ice with a splash of San Pellegrino - love Pompelmo and Aranciata Rossa in particular, but all are good!”


Silamith Maclean

US Retail Sales Manager- California


Silamith Maclean

Based in LA, Californian native Silamith heads up Sales in the Western US area. And she has great taste; in flavors, bars, events, as well as an eagle eye for where our drinks should be available. With a wealth of experience in the drinks industry, Silamith is on a mission to bring our drinks to the people, spreading the Three Spirit word across the West Coast. As at home in nature, surrounded by critters, she'll gleefully escape the big city to seek more adventure. 

What's Silamith drinking? 

“My favorite drinks are currently a Livener + Fevertree grapefruit Spritz, or a Nightcap Old Fashioned: 

2oz Nightcap
2-3 dashes All The Bitter Aromatic bitters (non-alc)
1 orange peel, oils expressed over glass
1 amarena cherry”

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