Who Can Drink Three Spirit?

Who Can Drink Three Spirit?

Three Spirit drinks were designed with as many people in mind; they’re entirely plant-based, gluten-free and our wines are preservative-free and low-sugar. Saying that, we contains some pretty powerful botanicals, so it’s always good to be aware of who we're suitable for.
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The short answer? Most adults!

Three Spirit drinks were designed with as many people in mind; they’re entirely plant-based, gluten-free and our Blurred Vines are also preservative-free and low-sugar. Saying that, we have several distinct drinks with different functions and ingredients, so it’s always good to be aware of your own allergies or intolerances before consuming.

For new drinkers, we always suggest having one serving of Three Spirit first and seeing how you feel. Just like with traditional spirits and wine, people can react stronger than others to Three Spirit. Some people need several servings to feel the effects of the botanicals, some feel it straight away! 

For reference, one serving of spirit is 2 fl oz, one serving of our wines is 4 or 5 fl oz, depending on how large you like your glass!


Occasionally we have new fans enquiring about whether our drinks are suitable with certain medications. Sadly, as we are not doctors we cannot give medical advice. Three Spirit does contain some rather powerful plants, so if you're taking any strong medication and are not sure if you can have our drinks we always recommend checking in with your doctor first. You can provide them with all of our ingredients if you’d like to go in depth, but it's important to mention that Livener and Spark have high levels of natural caffeine whereas Nightcap contains Valerian and other natural relaxants.

Pregnancy / breastfeeding

Our drinks are packed full of active plants, adaptogens and herbs, many of which sadly lack scientific research around how they interact during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Livener and Spark contain significant amounts of natural caffeine from the guayusa, which many steer clear of in this stage. To be on the safe side, we do not recommend Three Spirit in the case of pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Under 18s

Three Spirit may be non-alcoholic, but these are no regular soft drinks or cordial! The plant ingredients we have measured out to be included in each drink has been designed for adult consumption, not to mention the natural caffeine in our Spark and Livener. Sorry kids - Three Spirit is not for you.

Designated drivers

We always recommend waiting an hour before driving, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially with the dreamy Nightcap -which many of our customers report feeling asleep faster after consuming! If you’re new to Three Spirit you’ll want to know what your limit is.

Those who take drug tests for work or services

Good news! It’s a green light on enjoying Three Spirit.

We don't use any cannabis, coca, ephedra, or opium derivatives or analogues in Three Spirit (legal or otherwise, so no CBD, hemp oil or poppy seeds either ). We don't use any legal synthetic intoxicants or use anything that is scheduled under the misuse of drugs act or analogous to drugs scheduled under the misuse of drugs act. We don't use anabolic steroids, or pharmaceutical metabolic modulators, hormones or their analogues, or any ingredients that are prescription medications. We don't use beta blockers either.

Regarding anything that could be considered supplementation - please note the following: Livener contains natural caffeine and L-theanine from Guayusa and Green Tea respectively, and Social Elixir contains Damiana, which is banned in Louisiana (though it is legal federally) and is fortified with B-Vitamins, and L-theanine (from green tea also). Nightcap contains valerian. Of course we would always recommend doing your own due diligence if there are potential plants that are prohibited for another reason.

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