Striking & sustainable! Meet our new bottles...

Striking & sustainable! Meet our new bottles...

It's the start of a new era! We are delighted to launch our newly designed Botanical Elixir bottles. Our award-winning liquids remains the same, but read below for more details on how much better for the environment - and shelves - these beauties are... 

Same award-winning elixirs. Brand new look.

Why the change?

Bolder identity


We love our previous designs; they've brought us so far since we started in 2019. Since then, we've become more and more available in retail stores and bars as well as online. As a result, we've taken on feedback on how to catch the eye of a sober-curious shopper. 

This rebrand has been a long time in the making, and has been a passion project of our Botanical Alchemists. Our bottles have always had a certain allure. We worked closely with Pentagram to elevate the look and feel of the bottles, to 'pop' more on shelf and have a bolder identity.

What do the arrows mean?

We wanted to somehow show the intended effect of each drink without making the bottle too busy or overloaded with info. The triangles pointing in different directions served as a perfect idea - after all, three is the magic number. The triangles on each bottle not only allude to and point in the direction that each drink will take you, but they also reflect our alchemical roots. 

“Our Botanical Elixirs exist to take you from the beginning to the end of your drinking journey, helping you liven up, loosen up, before winding down.
We have gone deeper into our visual world of Botanical Alchemy and the direction of the arrows now denote the vibe.  The triangles on each bottle reflect our alchemical roots.”

Dash Lilley, Three Spirit co-founder

The upward triangle of Livener is the alchemical symbol for fire, which encapsulates the qualities of energy. The upside down triangle of Nightcap is the symbol of water, which encapsulates its calm and cool qualities. And the sideways triangle of Social shows the playful side of our original floaty and flirty elixir.

Better for the environment

We were delighted to achieve officially B Corporation status earlier this year, but the work hasn't stopped. As a certified B Corp, we looked at all aspects of the bottle design and sought to do our best for the planet. We are proud to have evolved into a lighter, more sustainable bottle, that will massively contribute to the reduction of our carbon footprint. 

This new design is slightly taller and thinner in shape, and overall a much lighter bottle. Made using 52% recycled glass, we're able to further reduce our carbon footprint with a 14% energy saving in production.

We have drastically improved our supply chain and logistics. This means a huge reduction in road miles when it comes to making, decorating and transporting our little bottled beauties from their molten beginnings.

The elegant designs are decorated in the same location the bottles are produced, meaning a further reduction in road miles of 77% and 12500 kg CO2 reduction per year.   

Livener - Get a lift

Social - Keep it going.

Nightcap - Bring it down...

Where can I them?

You can buy online for now, but these new designs will be making their way across our bars and retail stores, with high-end grocery chain Erewhon at the forefront, stocking all three of our Botanical Elixirs. 

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