Celebrating B Corp Month

Celebrating B Corp Month

March marks B Corp Month, a time to celebrate and explore what's possible when businesses think beyond profit. 

B Corps are leaders of economic change, using business as a force for good, unified by one common goal; to transform the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.

The number of B Corps is growing, and we're in good company; meet some of our fellow B Corps we are loving right now.
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You may well have heard of B Corps but maybe you’re wondering what is is to be B Corp certified, and why is there a whole month dedicated to the movement.

What is a B Corp?

A B Corporation, or B Corp, is a company that has met the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. To become a B Corp a business needs to have passed B Lab’s rigorous assessment of business impact and made a commitment to be social and economically accountable. Where a traditionally successful business pushed for profit first and foremost, B Corps at their core go against the grain and are committed to using business as a force for good.

Three Spirit becomes a B Corp

Three Spirit comes from a place of difference, curiosity, and innovation; harnessing the power of plants to change the way we socialize. From suppliers, to colleagues, to you, we strive to positively impact people’s lives and the planet, and in 2022 we became a Certified B Corp. It was a long journey to get here and a moment that as a team we were incredibly proud of.

When is B Corp Month? 

March marks B Corp Month. Held annually, it is a time to celebrate and explore what's possible when businesses think beyond profit. There are currently over 6000 certified B Corporations in more than 80 countries and over 150 industries, and the numbers are growing. These are businesses dedicated to doing more; for people, communities, and the planet. And we’re in good company, if there was ever a club we wanted to be in this was it.

Here are a few of our fellow B Corps we are loving right now. 

Athletic Brewing

Non-alcoholic brews, seasonal releases, limited edition styles & collaboration beers

Inspired by two core loves - a love for an active, healthy lifestyle and a love for great beer. Athletic Brewing’s charity, Two for the Trails, raises over $2M each year to protect the outdoors and help communities thrive.



Braincare in the form of a Smart Supplement & a Smart Probiotic

Heights was founded to help people do more of what they want by investing in braincare. They might be tiny, but every vitamin, mineral, and probiotic you take has a big impact on the planet. Heights have added a full dose of sustainability and ethical manufacturing into every one of their bottles.


L.A. Brewery

Naturally non-alcoholic kombucha

Born from a love foraging for natural ingredients and dedication to the art of creating beautifully balanced drinks that benefit people and the planet. L.A Brewery’s kombucha is brewed, fermented and bottled at their micro-brewery in Suffolk, England, powered by 100% dark green energy from a biodigester that converts local organic waste into energy.



Mushroom supplements and tinctures

rainbo is a functional mushroom company on a mission to upgrade humanity with fungi, with a belief that our partnership with mushrooms is vital to the long term health and harmony of people and planet. 1% of every rainbo purchase is donated to a nonprofit of your choice.

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