Friendsgiving Gift Guide

Friendsgiving Gift Guide

We all get by with a little help from our friends... need a little help in gifting them too? Our Friendsgiving gift guide has something for everyone. Here’s some of the brands that we think your friends (and you!) will love.  

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Whether your Friendsgiving looks like a rehearsal dinner for the big event, or more like a love-in with board games, drinks and ordering dinner in, it's always a good idea to have a gift in mind to show your friends you get them. We've got you and the whole gang covered with these gifts all under $50.

Host comes first 

Three Spirit Blurred Vines $27 ($52 for the Duo)

If you only get one friend a gift this year make sure it's for the friend that hosts. For a thoughtful option that everyone can enjoy, introduce this wine alternative that was designed with food in mind. 

For the spicy food fiend

FLY BY JING Shorty Spice Set $25

If they’re serious about their need for heat then they’ve no doubt already seen, heard, and felt Fly By Jing’s game-changing flavors. If not, they are going to love you even more for introducing them to this this cult favorite.

For the quiet one... or the one that wished it was quieter

Loop Quiet $25

With up to 26 dB (SNR) of noise reduction, there’s nothing that can stop their flow with these earplugs. The ideal option for blocking out the world around you, particularly when you're trying to sleep or focus.

For the whizz in the kitchen 

Graza Olive Oil Duo $42

One to "sizzle", one to "drizzle". These two bottled beauties will spruce up every kitchen top and the squeezability of this olive oil duo will make every at-home-chef feel like they've reached restaurant status. 

For the sleep seeker

Three Spirit Nightcap $39

Pour this after dinner as a slow-sipper for the whole group, or wrap it for the one that struggles with sleep. Introduce a new ritual into their life; an indulgent, luxurious elixir made with naturally relaxing lemon balm, valerian and hops for dreamy, mellow moments.


For the life of the party

The Good Patch Holiday Cheer Set $25

Scented candles are nice but for the one that likes to burn the candle at both ends get plant-powered wearable wellness patches to help them feel good all holiday season long. 

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