The best non-alc bottle shops

The best non-alc bottle shops

We’re rounding up the best non-alc bottle stores where you can shop Three Spirit IRL across the country, along with booze free online retailers! Each shop is rooted in the buzzing non-alc scene with an extraordinary range of low-alc and non-alc beverages, and some shops offering events and workshops to build awareness and passion around sobriety, sober curious and mindful drinker.


New Bar   

LA’s second bottle shop dedicated to low-or-no booze drinks and creating a fun and inclusive community of anyone and everyone who wants to drink less.

Soft Spirits 

LA’s first non-alcoholic bottle shop featuring a curated selection of premium non-alc beverages for pleasureful sipping experiences.


Ocean Beach Cafe

A colorful non-alc cafe, bar, bottle shop, and private event space in San Francisco. Ocean Beach Café is a community driven hub for nature lovers and non-alcoholic enthusiasts featuring deliciously crafted drinks, eats, and coffee.

Better Sunday

San Francisco's Feel Good bottle shop and social club, Better Sunday offers alternatives to people that drink, and people that don’t. No matter who you are, you’re able to find the right beverage to socialize, wind down, or take the edge off.

New York City  

Spirited Away

Opened in 2020, Spirited Away is in the heart of Manhattan and boasts a large curation of over 100 brands of non-alc spirits, wines, beers, unique mixers and more.

Minus Moonshine

The coolest and the most eclectic non-alc bottle shop in Brooklyn! Founded by two best friends Melissa and Aqxyl, Minus Moonshine is a warm and quirky store full of non-alc bevs and fun community events!



Less Than / Ceremony 

Richmond’s first Dry Bottle Shop focused on curating non-alcoholic beverages for those wanting more. Ceremony offers enjoyable options to accompany intentional living, inclusive get-togethers, work, and alcohol-free events, or for times you want a break from booze.




Bendición is striving to be Chicago’s first non-alc bar and community spaces in Chicago. They are on a mission to create a safe, fun environment where people can come together for dance parties, date nights, host recovery meetings, and create deeper connections we all need and crave - without the expectation or societal pressure to include alcohol.



Open Road 

The Open Road non-alc beverage shop is Western PA's primary resource and destination for all things in the emerging adult non-alcoholic beverage category. 




A friendly and warm non-alc bottle in Houston that is on a mission to make amazing non-alcoholic drinks more accessible by bringing the best selections. They are deeply passionate about the alcohol-free movement, and shifting the mindset from "why aren't you drinking?" to "what are you drinking?”


New Jersey

Gem Life Collective

A booze-free bottle shop and pop up bar offering an unforgettable wellness experience by crafting and sourcing amazing beverages. Their store is centered around well-being, self care, and healing.




A sober bar and retail store offering a wide selection of premium, alcohol free alternatives, as well as a welcoming space to connect and socialise with other non-drinkers over handcrafted cocktails.


North Carolina  

Hey Nolo 

Adult Beverages. No Booze. Housed in a impressive 50,000 square foot art gallery, Hey Nolo is Asheville's only NA bottle shop. Open every day 11am-6pm in The Marquee in the River Arts District. 


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