Where to find the best before date on our bottles?

Where to find the best before date on our bottles?

Once opened, our spirits should be consumed within 3 months. For our wines, we advise drinking them within 3 days. But what if you're storing them for later? Where can you find the BBD on the bottle? Check out our references below.

Three Spirit

You can find the best before date on the back of the bottle, at the bottom either in the centre or just to the side, with the format: BB dd/mm/year and time (example - BB 02-FEB-2025 15:54). It’s in small print so might be hard to notice from the first glance. See the photo reference below:


Blurred Vines

This can be slightly more complicated at first. Any light grey text on the neck of the bottle is from the glass manufacturer - and is not related to BBD:

The black text, also on the neck of the bottle, can be more difficult to see and may need to held up to the light. This is your best before date:

Remember - if in doubt, simply email the team at hey@threespiritdrinks.com with your full name and order number, and we should be able to source the BBD on our end.

What is the light grey text though?

This is for our glass manufacturer and is called the laser code. Let's use a randomly chosen laser code:

So the laser code was complete: 211 22 45 21:38 2.1D

A breakdown of the laser code meaning:
211 = Date of production – ongoing calendar day
22 = Year of production
45 = Production plant (45 = plant Schleusingen / 15 = Steinbach am Wald plant /
30 = Ernstthal plant / 20 = Großbreitenbach plant)
21:38 = Time of production
2.1D = Producing furnace (2) / production line (1) / line at “cold end” (D)
The a.m. laser code shows that the corresponding bottle was produced on 30.07.
(= calendar day 211) in year 2022 (= 22) at Schleusingen plant (= 45) at 21:38h.
Production line 2.1 (producing furnace 2 / production line 1).
The corresponding line at “cold end” was line D.
We hope this information helps - happy drinking!