Wind down with Nightcap at Williams Sonoma

Wind down with Nightcap at Williams Sonoma

Three Spirit recently launched in Williams Sonoma and to celebrate we have put together a guide to get your home bar fully equipped and ready to whip up the finest non-alc cocktails using our drinks!
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First up, and arguably most importantly, you'll want to add your staple spirit to your bar cart. We recommend choosing the Nightcap as this elixir is blended using a combination of valerian and lemon balm (herbs that have been used for centuries as a natural sleep aid) along with Hüll Melon hops (a plant containing terpenes that have a naturally soporific quality).


Our two favorite serves for Nightcap are either simply on the rocks, or as a Nightcap Old-Fashioned. Both of these drinks are served in a classic double rocks glass, so we've included a selection of different styles to suit the personality of your home.


Distinctive in form, these elegant crystal glasses are essential for a well-stocked home bar. Featuring a faceted design that refracts the light, these mouth-blown glasses beautifully present cocktails, generous pours of liquor, and other beverages.


Named after the picturesque county on England's southern coast, this lead-free crystal glassware catches and reflects light, thanks to its hand-cut fluting. Notable for their brilliant clarity and superb balance, the glasses give a sparkling presentation to cocktails, and generous pours of liquor served over ice.

Give fine spirits Gothic style with this set of double Old-Fashioned glasses. Mouth blown of lead-free crystal for clarity and brightness, each features a skull sculpture inside the base. Whether filled with Manhattans, Sidecars or straight whiskey, they add a unique design element to cocktail hour.


Now if you're looking to mix your drinks in style, you'll want the right tools at your disposal. Check out some key pieces to make sure you're making the best drink possible and complimenting your bar skills.


Keep cocktails, sodas and iced tea perfectly chilled with extra-large ice cubes. Melting slowly to keep drinks cold without dilution, these cubes are the perfect size for creative flavor infusions with fruit, herbs or citrus. These flexible silicone trays have protective lids that enable stacking for convenient storage.


When you're crafting cocktails, the right tools make all the difference. Inspired by vintage 1930s barware, these bar tools are designed for years of reliable service. The set is built of durable stainless steel with a gleaming finish, and makes a great gift as well!


Setting the mood goes beyond what you're drinking. Why not compliment the cocktail by putting on some of your favourite tunes, lowering the lights (to boost melatonin release), and lighting a candle. Scent can be a powerful stimulator when it comes to hormone release, encouraging your body to relax after a day of being alert. Here are some candle choices to perfectly enhance the mellowing function and flavor of Nightcap.


Roasted chestnuts are a familiar sight and scent during winter. A customer favorite, this comforting candle soothes with the warm, buttery fragrance of chestnut essence, spiced up with aromatic cinnamon and clove. Set inside a glass holder, the candle is ideal for displaying on a kitchen counter, mantel or sideboard and also makes a great gift for any host.

Enlighten any room with the warm, woody and spicy notes of cedar and cardamom. Designed to look as appealing as it smells, this exclusive soy-blend candle comes in a white glass holder with a lid that seals in the fragrance when not in use.


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