Is there caffeine in Three Spirit drinks?

Is there caffeine in Three Spirit drinks?

When looking for alcohol alternatives, caffeine can be a great help. Natural caffeine found in guayusa, green tea, black yea and cacao can provide a buzz that doesn't impede mind or body in the way that booze does. But what about those looking to avoid caffeine, but still want something functional? Fear not! Three Spirit has options for you.

We've included the milligrams per serving for our drinks. For context, a single espresso shot can range between 30 - 100mg of caffeine, but is usually somewhere around 65mg.

The caffeine-free range

Everyone has their reasons for avoiding caffeine, and just like with those avoiding alcohol, we're here to provide the alternatives!


Nightcap is our award-winning, best-selling spirit. Although some customers report better quality sleep and more interesting dreams with this special elixir, it's also a delicious, complex blend to enjoy in your waking hours too. We love it on the rocks and slow sipped like a whisky, but there are some fabulous recipes to turn up to the party with. Scoring a whopping 96 points at the International Wine & Spirits Competition, Nightcap is as good as it gets for caffeine-free spirit alternatives.


In our Blurred Vines range, Sharp is the perfect white wine alternative and also contains no caffeine. But what has it got instead? We've really packed in as much as we can with this one! Bursting with electrolytes, amino acids and vitamin D, this is the perfect healthier alternative. Got a wellness guru in your life that somehow thrives on zero caffeine, a low sugar diet and no alcohol? Well this is the perfect birthday gift. And the best part - there is no skipping out on taste. It scored 98 at the International Wine & Spirits Competition.

The middle of the road

Social Elixir - 3mg per 50ml / 1.7 fl oz

Ah, Social Elixir, my perfect problem child. This is my favorite drink on Three Spirit's range by far, but it can be a real love it / hate it drink. I would personally call it an acquired taste, much like traditional spirits. Remember the first time you tried gin and thought, 'I can't believe people drink this stuff.' It's a unique and bold taste, our first drink to ever launch and still to this day difficult to put into a category - including with caffeine. Technically this spirit contains less caffeine than a bar of chocolate, but there are still traces. Although it contains teas like yerba mate, we've actually extracted the caffeine as we've used these plants for other actives, such as chlorogenic acid. 


Livener - 58mg per 50ml / 1.7 fl oz

Our best reviewed drink, Livener is the perfect pre-drink when getting ready for the night. Even if some people in your group are drinking, if you want the evening to last then Livener is the drink to serve. It gets you buzzed but won't have you texting your ex before the taxi has even arrived. The caffeine in this fiery, fruity spirit comes from the euphoric guayusa tea. Combine the clean caffeine in this party plant to the l-theanine in the green tea and you have a gentle but sustained buzz, not the spike and crash you get from coffee. Assisted by other plants like schisandra berries, guava leaf and ginseng, Livener can really come in handy for late night work or studying too.

Spark - 24mg per 125ml / 4 fl oz

Spark, our sparkling rose alternative, is very much a successor to Livener. Also containing guayusa and green tea and schisandra, it aims for that same euphoric, booze-free buzz. I love this one at brunch or on a lazy weekend. It tastes absolutely delicious and like our other alt-wine Sharp is low sugar, preservative-free and is rich in antioxidants.  

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