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5 reasons why people love this new bundle from Three Spirit

We’ve all gone through it - the overindulgence of weekend cocktails that slip into our weeknight routines, to the dry Januarys of dodging invites and soberly dragging through holiday parties. But what about the in-between? The sweet spot of easy mornings after a night of feeling floaty, energized, and euphoric - is it possible? We know it’s hard to believe, but it is. Three Spirit’s trio of elixirs feature mood and mind altering adaptogens and nootropics to give you all the buzzy feelings without the down side. Here’s how:

Mood boosting adaptogens + nootropics

While adaptogens and nootropics may seem like trendy tag words, people have been harnessing the powers of plants for centuries to ease stress, alter mood, and enhance cognition. The active compounds are carefully extracted from plants and raw ingredients using complex and delicate processes.

Created by bartenders + plant scientists

Founded in London in 2018 by a blend of plant scientists, world-class bartenders, and herbalists, Three Spirit definitely didn’t take the easy route when it came to pioneering the perfect drink. From ethically sourcing plants and raw ingredients to working with small farms and growers in the furthest corners of the world, they take botanical alchemy and the science behind it very seriously.

It works

A recent survey with our customers, 95% of correspondents said that Nightcap helped them to relax and 64% agreed it helps them fall asleep easier. You can also find amazing reviews in The Strategist, the Daily Mail voted it 5/5 + we have over 3000 5 star reviews.

A natural buzz without the crash

The team at Three Spirit believes it’s about celebrating what goes in a drink, rather than what’s taken out. These elixirs will have you feeling some type of way even without alcohol. The active compounds and ingredients in each formula were chosen to help you feel buzzy, floaty, and flirty, minus the hangover. Plus they’re vegan and gluten free, contain no artificial flavors or colors, are ethically sourced and sustainably packaged.

For every mood + moment

Three Spirit has an elixir for any vibe. Featuring tulsi and cacao, Social Elixir is formulated to lift spirits and reduce inhibitions, while Nightcap’s soothing valerian and hops will help you mellow out and relax. So whether you’re looking to engage in stimulating conversation or wind down for the evening, Three Spirit has found a way to enhance your night - before, during, and after the party.

Simple to drink

Simply put some ice in a glass, and add a measure of Nightcap. Whilst you can mix it in cocktails, it tastes delicious on its own. No fuss or cocktail skills required.

Award-winning flavor

When we say it’s nothing like you’ve ever tasted - believe us. The blends and pairings of herbs, roots, fruits, and barks create an absolute symphony of flavors - unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. From 'fresh and fiery' Livener to 'smooth and woody' Nightcap, Three Spirit has won over 10 awards for flavor and function. Perfect on their own or thoughtfully mixed as a cocktail, the Three Spirit trio is undoubtedly ready for their bar cart debut.

Customer reviews

4.4/5 Stars

“Same buzz without the anxiety”

I just bought the Social Elixir and I love it. I have stopped drinking for good, as the alcohol was triggering my ADHD and anxiety badly. This gives me the good side effects from alcohol - chatty, lively, and outgoing, but without the triggered anxiety etc. Will definitely purchase more and try the other 2!


“Beautiful drink”

Unlike a lot of non alcoholic beverages, it doesn't have that - something missing feeling. You get a slight buzz also but remain at that happy place! The taste is amazing, and I would gladly be the driver if this was served in the bars. I chose it over alcohol the other evening and rather than feeling sleepy early on, I felt bright and alert, if only I had this before my exams!


“Not a substitute but an institute!”

The flavors of the drink we made with the nightcap recipe on the bottle were so much more complex and interesting than we expected. This was so delightful that we don't think of it as a non-alcoholic substitute, but rather as a choice that stands proudly on its own. 


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4.4 Stars

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