Zen Hot Toddy

Zen Hot Toddy

Colder weather, hotter drinks. Winter evenings call for soothing sips and laid back vibes. Warm up to chill out.

nightcap recipe


Serves 1
oz  ml
Nightcap 2 60
Maple syrup 0.25 10
Boiling water 5 150
Big lemon wheel studded with 8 cloves
1 star anise 
Optional dash of whiskey for a low ABV drink


To fill an 8oz cup

Stud a whole lemon with lots and lots of cloves before cutting into slices. To stud, pierce holes into the lemon zest with a fork then push cloves in.

Warm your cup with hot water first. Once warm, empty out the water.

Pour the Three Spirit Nightcap followed by the remaining ingredients. Stir briefly to combine and add a dash of whiskey for those that want.

Serve piping hot.

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