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Social Sling

The Social Sling is our tropical and flamboyant take on the South Asian classic made with the curious Social Elixir - earthy from pink beet and exotic from Malay rose sherbet. After a couple of these you�ll be�ready to flirt your�way through the night.�
Social Sling


2 fl oz Three Spirit Social Elixir
3 fl oz pineapple Juice
0.25 fl oz beetroot juice (we like ours from a jar of pickles)
1 barspoon fresh lime juice
Rose lemonade to top



Add all ingredients to an empty shaker tin or jar and shake hard.

Once you have a nice frothy mix, add ice and shake again.

Finely strain into a tall, ice filled glass and top with the rose lemonade until you have a foamy head dense enough to hold a straw straight up. (It may overflow in a volcano-like eruption, but that's part of the fun right?)