La Dolce Vita Punch

La Dolce Vita Punch

A party-starting punch is the perfect Thanksgiving apertivo, and this energizing number is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Easy-to-prep, easy-to-drink, get your buzz on and fire up your tastebuds while you chop it up with your loved ones.
livener recipe


Serves 20
oz ml
1 bottle of Three Spirit Livener
Fresh orange or tangerine juice
16 475
Wilfred’s (or other bitter non-alcoholic spirit)
10 300
Fresh lemon juice
8 235
Orgeat (or almond syrup, we used Monin)
6 175
1 bottle of sparkling of your choice (nosecco, seltzer, etc.)
rosemary, orange, and lemon wheels


The night before: Add a few rosemary sprigs to the almond syrup to infuse (optional but really makes the punch pop!)

An hour before your party: Combine Three Spirit Livener, orange and lemon juices, Wilfred’s and orgeat/almond syrup (remove infused rosemary and discard) in a punch bowl and gently stir to combine. Place a block of ice into the punch bowl and allow time for it to chill. Ladle over the ice for a little dilution.

Just before guests arrive: Pour half a bottle of your chilled sparkling gently over the top of the punch and add the garnishes (once the punch is about halfway consumed top it off with the remaining sparkling).

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