Energize Spritz

Energize Spritz

Do you want the buzz but not the booze? Camille Vidal has the perfect recipe for you, the Three Spirit Livener Energize Spritz. 

This non-alcoholic cocktail has bags of complexity, fruity but not too sweet, with a lick of chili and hibiscus. “Looks good, tastes good, feels good” - you’ll be sipping on this all summer long!

livener recipe


Serves 1
oz ml
Three Spirit Livener 1.5 50
Lemonade 2.5 75
Kombucha 2.5 75
Garnish: Cucumber & mint


First prep your cucumber ribbon by using a potato peeler to thinly slice. Place your cucumber ribbon around the inside of your wine glass and hold in place with cubed ice.

Add 1.5oz Three Spirit Livener to your glass. Top with half sparkling lemonade and half kombucha. You can use an original kombucha with no flavor or go for a lemon or ginger number.

Garnish with mint. 

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