Women driving the change

Women driving the change

This International Women’s Day we’re raising a glass to the women doing big things in the no & low world. From bartenders to business owners, in the UK and in the US there are incredible, knowledgeable women driving the category forward, shining a light on the benefits of drinking mindfully, and proving just how delicious a third way can be. 

Camille Vidal

aka @mindfullycami, Author & Founder of La Maison Wellness

A leader in the scene, if not there already Cami is someone you need on your radar. A true pioneer, Camille Vidal, also known as Mindfully Cami, is on a mission to inspire the world to bring mindfulness into the glass showing us all how we can drink like healthy hedonists. A globally recognised bartender and drinks expert turned mindfulness, yoga and meditation teacher, for Cami it's all about celebrating epic nights and early mornings for a hangover-free life. Forever showing us that drinking mindfully can be delicious and full of variety, there isn’t a drink that Cami makes that’s not 
mouth-wateringly delicious. 

Laura Willoughby MBE 

Campaigner & Co-founder of Club Soda

Our nomination for president of the entire category for her kick-ass energy alone, Laura is an absolute inspiration having been at the forefront of the mindful drinking movement since the very beginning. Forever representing, with an incredible understanding and knowledge of the non-alc scene, the entrepreneur and campaigner gave up drinking 10 years ago and is now raising awareness and promoting mindful drinking. Club Soda’s Tasting Room, Bar and Shop on London's Drury Lane is the UK’s premier destination for low and no drink discovery, offering you a chance to explore a curated collection of over 150 of the best and brightest low-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks brands. 

Brianda Gonzalez 

Owner of The New Bar, Venice CA


Los Angeles is leading the US's national boom in catering to the sober curious and Brianda Gonzalez is way ahead of the curve. Brianda opened The New Bar, an in-person store and online marketplace in Venice CA, after her dad, a bartender by trade, was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and became ill. A trained bartender herself, Brianda wanted to find a way to maintain the rituals her father and her had shared and opened The New Bar with the intent to share these options with others, to help them reimagine their relationships with alcohol and non-alc.

Millie Gooch

Author & Founder of Sober Girl Society 


Sober Girl Society was founded by Millie Gooch in September 2018 with one simple purpose – to show the world that you can still live a fun and fulfilled life after you break up with booze. Sober Girl Society is now one of the largest communities for sober women around the planet providing support, tips, resources and events (both virtual and IRL) for anyone who wants to quit the booze. 

Alice Lascelles

Award-winning drinks journalist, author & presenter

A seasoned presenter and a contributing editor in the Financial Times, Alice Lascelles is an expert on the production and provenance of drinks, but most of all she loves the stories that go with them. With a popular column covering wine, spirits and bar culture, while Alice might be found writing about whiskeys, champagnes and everything in between, she is also leading the charge by shining a light on the breadth and depth of the many low and no options.

Abigail Smith

Bartender at Big Bar Los Angeles

Big Bar is a neighbourhood bar in LA's Los Feliz. Be it their bartenders, barbacks, cocktail servers, and leadership, women make Big Bar shine and they are proud to be 50% women operated. Their amazing bar lead @abigaillsmith takes charge of their NA menu with as much creativity and thoughtfulness as she would approach a standard cocktail, and is producing some of the most interesting and innovative cocktails ever to have graced Big Bar. 

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