Mental Health Awareness Series: 5 mins with Stress Performance Coach, Michael Adu

Mental Health Awareness Series: 5 mins with Stress Performance Coach, Michael Adu

For our Mental Health Awareness series we took time out with Michael Adu, a Stress Reduction Specialist, Life Coach & Founder of Disconnect & Chill and Director of London Stress Centre. 

Michael had his own experience of stress and anxiety. Using technology and a tenacity to get better, he developed a unique answer to help others who experienced these same symptoms.

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Michael, you’re a Stress Performance Coach, for people unfamiliar with the concept what does this involve?

My work is about helping people to improve their knowledge on the effects of stress on the body. I aid people to map the current stress patterns in the body using biofeedback technology and biological age testing, then I help them create effective protocols to optimise the stress they experience. From this, people are able to become more resilient to stress, improve their ageing process, and increase overall wellbeing. I work with people in a physical, mental, emotional and nutritional capacity to improve their stress levels.

Tell us more about your latest projects.

I am involved in a team of individuals creating a bespoke retreat for corporates and the general public where they can experience a true sense of physiological stress reduction. This includes various workshops, live stress metric readings, and other fun things. Education is key for this and we have non-alcoholic cocktails, stress relieving supplementations, sensory experiences to create autonomic balance, and so much more.

Who has captured your attention recently in your field?

I started to follow Andrew Huberman quite recently as he gives real world tools and advice which is little to no cost to the public - my type of guy.

What is the most effective technique you'd recommend for people to integrate into their daily routine?
The most powerful technique is 4-6 breathing.

Breathing in for 4 and out for 6. This practice plays on the autonomic nervous system and helps you down-regulate your stress levels, making it more easy for you to be intentional and response-able.

What is your favourite plant for function?

Ashwagandha as it can assist in helping the body resist mental and physical stress.

London Stress Centre

After delivering his coaching, Michael found that people reversed cellular ageing, improved their immunity, and achieved better balance in the autonomic nervous system - the system controlling stress and relaxation.

With the aid of technology and physiological analysis, the London Stress Centre teaches the true meaning of stress optimisation, sleep, productivity, and calm, giving people the ability to bring back balance to their lives.

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